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MateriApps LIVE! version 4.1 released [Release Note] [VirtualBox edition] [Docker edition]
MateriApps LIVE! version 4.0 released [Release Note] [VirtualBox edition] [Docker edition]
MateriApps LIVE! version 3.4 released [Release Note] [VirtualBox edition]
Started support for Debian 11 (Bullseye) and Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy)
Released Docker edition in addition to VirtualBox edition
Started MateriApps Debian package support for 64-bit Arm (aarch64) architecture
[IMPORTANT] Stopped support for Debian 9 (Stretch)
MateriApps LIVE! wins Open Source Excellence Award from SourceForge
MateriApps LIVE! version 3.3 released [Release Note] [Download] [Setup]
MateriApps LIVE! version 3.2 released [Release Note] [Download] [Setup]
MateriApps LIVE! version 3.1 released [Release Note] [Download] [Setup]
MateriApps LIVE! version 2.7 released [Release Note] [Download] [Setup]
MateriApps LIVE! version 3.0 released [Release Note] [Download] [Setup]
MateriApps LIVE! version 2.6 released [Release Note] [Download] [Setup]
MateriApps LIVE! version 2.5 released [Release Note] [Download] [Setup]
MateriApps LIVE! version 2.4 released [Release Note] [Download] [Setup]
Started support for Debian 10 (Buster), Ubuntu 16 (Xenial), Ubuntu 18 (Bionic)
[IMPORTANT] We have stopped supporting for Debian 7 (Wheezy)
MateriApps LIVE! version 2.3 released [Release Note] [Download] [Setup]
[IMPORTANT] Support for 32-bit OS will end on July, 2020.
MateriApps LIVE! version 2.2 released [Release Note] [Download] [Setup]
MateriApps LIVE! version 2.1 released [Release Note] [Download] [Setup]
MateriApps LIVE! version 2.0 released [Release Note] [Download] [Setup]
MateriApps LIVE! Users Forum has been moved to cmsi/MateriApps-forum on GitHub.

What's MateriApps LIVE!?

A number of high-performance and high-precision application software for computational materials science simulation have been developed in Japan. The experimentalists and researchers in the private companies, however, don't even know the existence of such applications, and are mainly using open-source software from abroad or commercial software. We are developing MateriApps, a portal site of materials science simulation, aiming at introducing the features and characteristics of various materials science simulation programs that have not been known widely or that are being developed in years to come. As for the open-source software, we also provide an environment with fully-developed manuals and tutorials in order to make it easy for users to try out the software.


In the meantime, when trying to try out open-source software, installation of software itself often becomes a serious obstacle. Although we are currently advancing installation of typical applications to domestic supercomputer systems, not all people can have access to such environment.


MateriApps LIVE! offers an environment where one can try out computational materials science simulation freely, using a notebook PC, etc. All environment required to begin tutorials, such as MateriApps applications, OS (Debian GNU/Linux), editors, and visualization tools, is provided in a USB memory stick.

MateriApps LIVE!は、手持ちのノートPCなどを用いて、気軽に計算物質科学アプリケーションを試せる環境を提供します。MateriAppsアプリケーション、OS (Debian GNU/Linux)、エディタ、可視化ツールなど、チュートリアルを始めるのに必要な環境は全て1本のUSBメモリに収められています。

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How to use MateriApps LIVE!

MateriApps LIVE! can be started in various ways: MateriApps LIVE!は様々な方法で利用可能です。

Installed Software

For more detailed information, please refer to "Applications and Tools in MateriApps LIVE!".

詳しくは「MateriApps LIVE! に含まれるアプリケーションとツール」をご覧ください

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